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Smokus Focus Gas Giant Jar
Smokus Focus Gas Giant Jar

Smokus Focus Gas Giant Jar

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Introducing Smokus Focus’ Gas Giant: the “Big Daddy” of display jars created to store and display your flowers in the most innovative and aesthetically-pleasing way possible. Subpar display jars and manhandling flowers are now a thing of the past! Not only does the premium glass jar body have the ability to hold up to half a pound of product, but coupled with brilliant lighting, 5x the magnification and a vent, the Gas Giant allows for flowers to be examined in the best way possible…without opening the jar. With the addition of a USB-C rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, “battery hassle” is now a thing of the past. The Gas Giant makes it easy to ensure your flowers are displayed with the most magnificent lighting for up to 10 hours!