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MD Corp. (Medical Disposables) 5 Panel Multi Drug Test Kit

MD Corp. (Medical Disposables) 5 Panel Multi Drug Test Kit

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MD Corp. (Medical Disposables) Full Panel Multi Drug Test Kit

CLIA Waived Tests

5 Panel Drug Test Kit

What Drugs are Targeted by the 5 Panel Drug Test Kits?

The following drugs are targeted in our 5 panel drug test kits.

  • DOA-654 - Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, Methamphetamines, Benzodiazepines

What is a 5 Panel Drug Test?

As an easy and economical way to obtain results for multiple drugs, this 5 panel drug test card is one of the most popular on-site urine drug testing kits on the market. This five panel drug testing kit get results in less than five minutes with a shelf life of 12 - 24 months and is a FDA Approved/CLIA Waived drug test. Ease of use, fast results and excellent pricing is what defines a Medical Disposables 5 panel drug test kit.

5 Panel Drug Test Kit Procedure

To use the 5 panel drug test kit your will need a collection cup and follow this procedure:

  • Collect urine from the donor in a disposable collection cup.
  • If the collection cup has a temperature strip read it and make sure is between temperature range.
  • Remove the bottom cap from the 5 panel drug test card in submerge the drug test strips in the urine.
  • AVOID passing the arrow when submerging the 5 panel drug test card since this can flood the test and invalidate the drug test card.
  • Once all the lines in the C (control) area appear you can read the bottom lines in T (test) area.
  • To interpret results in the 5 panel drug test card follow the image below

CLIA Waived 5 Panel Drug Test

How Does Drug Abuse Impact the Workplace?

Drugs sometimes have a financial impact on employees that consume them because their income can't support their habit. This creates a dangerous situation to the employer in which can open the door to workplace crime and theft. According to a report sponsored by the Department of Labor, Small Business Association (SBA) and the office of National Control, lower productivity can reach 33 percent less compared to other coworkers.

From a study in 2007 by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) this type of worker will have a trend to change jobs more often. This can impact dramatically worker turnover in a company. This relates to cost of training, slowing down company productivity, and performance. Data from the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) shows that employee turnover decreases by 16 percent when drug testing program is in place. The same data showed a drop from their respondents of 50 percent in their workers' compensation after they implemented a drug test program. These cost preventing measures are the reason why drug testing in the workplace is so important for companies and provides the ROI to their "Bottom Line" once the program is implemented that helps keep the work environment safer.

Need to Buy a 5 Panel At Home Drug Test?

Our 5 panel drug test kit is one of the most common at home drug test use in the market. It is also used in school athletic programs, school and business "Drug Free" Programs, and help parents to have a more clear picture on the kids behavior and drug use. The 5 panel home drug test targets the common drugs use by teens. If you need to buy a drug test in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, anywhere in the United States or the world, Medical Disposables ships to you anywhere from Orlando, Florida.

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