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Magical Silicone Kitchen Spatulas 3pk
Magical Silicone Kitchen Spatulas 3pk
Magical Silicone Kitchen Spatulas 3pk

Magical Silicone Kitchen Spatulas 3pk

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Silicone Kitchen Spoons

For perfect infusion tools, you need the MagicalButter Silicone Spatulas - 3pk because they are so practical, helpful, and awesome kitchen tools! It’s the perfect match for cannabis infusions because of premium quality materials, excellent design, and flexibility!

This 3-pack of excellent kitchen tools features premium, food-grade silicone that’s practically indestructible! They withstand high temperatures and won’t interact with your infusion! Silicone will never affect flavor, and its flexibility lets you clean every edge and corner.

The tools included in the 3-pack include a large and small spatula with a flat edge and a curved edge and a spoonful, curved all around. This trio of silicone kitchen tools features the Magical logo on the handles, so you know they are authentic, premium quality.


Silicone Spatulas For Infusions

Silicone, because of its non-stick properties, works perfectly with fats like butter, olive oil, and MCT coconut oil which roll right off. This durable material also works well with sugar bases like honey and simple syrup. And alcohol tinctures, most susceptible to off-flavors, keep clean.

The MagicalButter Silicone Spatulas - 3pk is essential for controlling and cleaning up cannabis infusions. The hardest part of making edibles is easy with the MagicalButter machine and other great accessories.