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Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer
Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer
Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer
Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer
Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer
Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer

Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer

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Little Dipper

Dip Devices created an award-winning dab straw vaporizer; the Little Dipper. It was awarded the best new product and would be a great portable dab straw / electric nectar collector to smoke your concentrates with. No need for heating up your banger or scraping with your dabber tool to get started. This device has a quick heat coil/atomizers with a nice silicone grip and a semi-charged mah battery that will get you started right out of the box.

Besides being an award-winning vaporizer, the Little Dipper is Dip Devices' most affordable dab pen. Little Dipper offers Dip Devices' signature direct-to-concentrate Vapor Tip technology that allows you to consume concentrate right from the container - anytime, anywhere. 

How do you use the Little Dipper Dab Straw Vaporizer?

Using it is simple, turn your terp pen on and off by pressing the main button five times. Activate the heating coil by pressing en holding the main button. Once the coil is hot, it will turn red; now, you can take a 'sip' of your concentrates by lightly pressing the coil to your concentrates and inhaling through the mouthpiece. The heating cycle turns off when you let go of the button or automatically after 15 seconds.

The Little Dipper has three power settings for more precise consumption. Those are blue (low), green (medium), and red (high), ranging from 450°F (green) to 600°F (red). The temperature settings allow you to go from full flavor to big clouds. 

Dip Devices

Dip Devices is a Denver-based company that launched in 2014. They design their products in Houston, Texas, with a team of entrepreneurs and designers with the goal create innovative products that fit the needs of smokers lifestyles. They are the originators of direct-to-concentrate technology and are pushing the limits when it comes to portable concentrate consumption.

1% of all Little Dipper sales are donated to organizations designated by each color:

Black: Racial Justice via NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Blue: Oceana Marine Conservation

Yellow: Bee Preservation via Operation Honey Bee